We have embedded the multilingual translation tool Google Language Translator into this QBIC website(currently, only English). Please use it when you are translating the Japanese page of the QBIC site into English.

How to use

  • Translate Japanese ⇒ English
    • If you click “Translate >>” at the bottom right of this site and select the U.S. flag,this site will be translated into English.
  • Translated English ⇒ Return to Japanese
    • Click the above “Translate>>” again and select the Japanese flag. Or
      click “Display original(meaning in red cirecle)” on the top bar of this site to return to the original Japanese.


Because it is an automatic translation, the result may not be what you want (as of March 8, 2023).

  • Mistranslations and line breaks may occur. Also, since it is a direct translation, the terms originally translated will not be reflected.
  • Parts pasted as figures (png, jpeg, etc.) are not translated.
  • Linked documents are not translatable. For example, you can download such documents to your computer and use Google Translator to refer to and translate them. For more information on Google Translator, please visit https://translate.google.com/.


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